Las Vegas – Something for Everyone

If ever a geographic location radiated kitsch, it would have to be Las Vegas Boulevard South in Clark County, Nevada-or, as it has become more affectionately termed, simply, The Strip.
Love it or hate it, Las Vegas is the world capital of all things brazen, bold, brash, and boisterous. Oozing in glitz and seeping with glamour, Vegas tempestuously beckons visitors to come discover its over-the-top charm. And millions each year take heed. From smarmy looking casinos to out-and-out sensational hotels, Vegas boasts something for the penny-pinching, parsimonious miser and the banknote dropping, high-rolling swashbuckler alike.
But Vegas isn’t just about gambling and revelry-it’s got something for everyone. Skeptical? Check out some of “Sin City’s” more saintly attractions.
I, myself, am not personally into the drinking, dice-rolling, suggestive revue scene that many find so enticing about Las Vegas. And while many of Vegas’ clientele do relish its lackadaisical approach to tourism, a puritanical teetotaler can still find for agen judi casino terpercaya  him or herself an equally good time.
Las Vegas, in fact, didn’t gain its notorious reputation until the postwar boom of the 50s and 60s. Prior to that, Vegas was little more than a sleepy desert town with nothing to show for itself but a massive dam 30 miles to the south. With an influx of male construction workers overwhelming the small outpost, bars, casinos, and other sordid venues began to spring up.
However within the span of barely a decade, the newly flourishing city began to shed layers of its seamy status. And while Vegas keeps its moniker as “Sin City” for a reason, it’s much more reputable these days.
For those who have traveled to Vegas for a date with “Lady Luck,” the how-to’s of gambling are convoluted and complex. I, by no means, profess to be an authority on the various forms of gambling; however, even a rookie like me knows that craps, roulette, blackjack, and the slots are the major types within the hundreds of casinos splattered throughout the city. And a tried-and-true tip from the wise for the wise: if you’re looking to win some serious cash, do not spend your time and money at the slots. Instead, head over to a blackjack or craps table to stand a much better chance of winning it big.
Once you’ve had your fill of the casinos (or perhaps just bypassed them entirely), remember there’s plenty else to keep you occupied on the Strip. For those wanting to explore some of the world’s more far-flung destinations, but not quite ready to take on the associated jet lag, culture shock, and financial burdens associated with a round-the-world trek, Vegas attempts to rekindle the sights and sounds of such locales in some of its most posh real estate.
Feast upon fine French cuisine (they even serve escargot!), take advantage of the gratuitous Eiffel Tower photo ops, and meander down a modish Parisian promenade discovering trendy French boutiques. You’ll almost think you actually have jumped the pond and landed in the real , chances are you’ll undeniably remember you’re still in Vegas, but it makes for a pleasant pit stop as you traverse the Strip’s many sites. Ooh la la, oui, the Paris Hotel is tres chic.
Further down the Strip lies the regal Luxor. In case you aren’t foolhardy enough to visit the real Cairo right now in the midst of its current government upheaval, the Luxor will give you a feel for all things Egyptian. Gaze at the intimidating Sphinx before entering the pyramid-shaped hotel and overwhelming your eyeballs by staring at, up, and around the world’s largest atrium. At night, check out the blinding spotlight that exudes from the pinnacle of the pyramid. The Luxor’s marketing team even claims that the building’s light is visible to astronauts in space.
For a taste of the East Coast, check out the municipal muddle of the New York-New York. This property boasts a scaled version of New York’s picturesque skyline, Grand Central Station, a 150 foot tall Statue of Liberty replica, and of course, Central Park (which, incidentally, happens to be the hotel’s sprawling main casino). One of the hotel’s main draws is its white-knuckle inducing roller coaster, aptly named the “Manhattan Express.” Hang on tight as the roller coaster roars through the property’s interior and exterior and possesses a 144 foot drop.
Las Vegas has expanded exponentially from its former days as a measly outstation. It’s now an iconic land of razzle-dazzle magnetism blended with the slightest tinge of elegance and sophistication. It has enamored the world over and, in the process, been the locale behind many top news stories. So, however you choose to spend your Vegas vacation, do so wisely because that which happens in Vegas doesn’t always necessarily stay there. Happy exploring!